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Write your story. Live your dreams.

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

I have a superpower. A big, life-changing, ass-kicking, bad-ass superpower: I can write. I can tell a damn good story with a pen and paper. I can make my reader feel what I felt and see what I saw. I can make you experience the world from my perspective. I can write a cover letter that gets me through the door and I can write a grant that gets me an all-expenses paid trip to New York City. I can craft a syrupy-sweet complaint letter that gets me a full refund on that janky armoire I spent too much money on. I can write you an email that makes you laugh and a personal narrative that makes you cry. Writing is my superpower and the good news is that it can be yours too.

If you couldn't tell already, I am passionate about writing. Not only because it's a vehicle for self-discovery or because the right words in the right order light my soul on fire, but because it gets you what you want in this life. There have been so many occasions that writing skills have opened opportunities for me, both professional and personal, and led to all sorts of adventures on my journey. As an educator, this is what I want my students to understand: Writing is power. Strong writing skills will give you the confidence to go out into the world, get what's yours, and find your own path to success. This I believe with all my heart and this is why I decided to devote myself to teaching this craft.

College Admissions Essay

In high school I was a good student, but not exceptional. To be honest, my SAT scores were nothing to write home about (Me and math are frenemies at best), but I sat down and poured my heart on the page like my life depended on it. I wrote with an authentic voice about things that mattered to me and I got into a school I didn't think was a realistic possibility for me. (With some scholarship money to boot.)

I had a similar situation when I applied to Columbia for my Master's degree in English education. There's no way I had as many English credits as most other applicants, but I wrote a deeply personal story with soul and conviction and was accepted. The application essay matters and it's the one thing you still have control over when you start applying to colleges. Grades are done. SAT scores are in. But you can still write a powerful personal statement that will give you an edge to acceptance and the power to choose your own direction on your academic journey.

If you have read this far into this blog, you probably get it already. Writing is important. It gets you in to college and helps you do awesome stuff: sweep your prospective soulmate away with a love letter for the ages, get Santa to get you that Tesla for Christmas, persuade the President to forgive all our student debt (No, seriously do that one. It'd really help me out.)Hell, you could even write a blog about writing!

An Inspirational Quote to Light Some Fire Under You

In the words of one of my favorite authors:

"A word after a word after a word is power."

- Margaret Atwood

Whatever your dream is, writing can help to get you there. If your dream involves getting into college or graduate school, I've created this blog to offer advice, tips, encouragement, and motivation to help you write amazing college and graduate schools admissions essay and give you the power to write your story and live your dreams.

Stay tuned for more to come and in the meantime, let me know how I can help you in your writing journey!

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