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Customized Writing Coaching Specializing in College Application Essays

Online or In-Person in the Denver-Metro Area

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Writing a personal statement for college admissions is not a one-size-fits-all process.

 With over a decade of experience and a Master's degree from Columbia University in English Education, I help clients craft unforgettable college admissions essays that truly let their unique voice and personality shine.


I come to your home or connect remotely, whichever is most convenient and suits your particular needs.


Hi! I'm Erin.

As Founder of The Essay Artist, I believe that words are our most powerful tool to find ourselves, transform our lives, and realize our dreams. I am passionate about helping students find their unique, authentic voice through coaching that emphasizes relationship building, shared vulnerability, and empathetic listening. My life’s mission is to empower students to live their wildest dreams through self-expression. 


Word of Mouth

Erin is organized, intentional, and energetic as a teacher. She develops detailed, engaging plans and executes them with both structure and enthusiasm. Erin breaks down the writing process in a way that makes writing tasks accessible and relevant to students. She provides structure and designs guiding questions to lead students toward expressing their own insights in a thoughtful, polished manner. Her feedback is invaluable to students as they refine their thinking and revise their work. I would highly recommend Erin as a writing coach! Her combination of expertise, commitment, and positive energy is perfectly calibrated to support students in achieving their potential as writers.

Jessica F.

The greatest thing you did for me was just really get me to open up and start being myself. You always considered how I felt and what I was going through, as a person and not just a student. Before I would just write whatever was expected of me, but because of your encouragement and the way you treated me, I began to start writing with my actual perspective in my writing. I would recommend you to other students simply because you care, you wanted me to succeed with my education but also with life in general and it meant a lot.

Callum G.

Because of the help I received from The Essay Artist, I was able to win a competitive scholarship at the University of Colorado: Denver that essentially paid for my entire first semester of study! The feedback I received was timely, to the point, and catered to my particular style of writing--I could not be happier with the help I received, and I have since utilized The Essay Artist again when applying to doctoral programs.

Jaylen M.

Graduation Ceremony


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A free download to guide you on your journey to college.

Your month-by-month checklist for college application success! Whether you're completely new to the college application process or have been planning for this since preschool, this guide will keep you on track and accountable every step of the way. Conquer the college application with less stress and more peace of mind.

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