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Erin Bailey


Hi I'm Erin Bailey (she/her).

My mission is to help you write an exceptional, polished personal essay that will get you into your dream school. Period.

I have a master's degree from Columbia University in Teaching English and over thirteen years of experience helping students to craft exceptional essays. I am a licensed educator with teaching experience in New York City, Denver, and abroad. I currently serve as an Alumni Admissions Ambassador at Teachers College, Columbia University, where I help to recruit the next generation of teacher scholars.

Before becoming an educator, I worked as an editor in Massachusetts and at MTV Networks in Times Square.

What I love most about teaching writing is empowering students to learn about themselves and to go out and get what they want in the world.

Besides helping students to dominate the world using the power of the pen, I'm a mama of two little ones. (Pictured below) On my free time I am an actor and avid theatre fan, amateur chef, and Facebook marketplace treasure hunter. 


Columbia University


Excellent results through excellent instruction, while enjoying an excellent client experience.



Be curious about your world. Be curious about what you will learn about yourself at the end of the process. Personal narrative writing is a journey of self-discovery and it is priviledge to be along for the ride-  for me and for admissions officers who will read your masterpiece!



Writing is an inherently courageous pursuit. It is hard and fraught with obstacles and self-doubt. I believe that everyone has a great story to tell. Our strength lies in what makes us different and being willing to write our vulnerability on the page is our greatest asset.



Yes, we know that applying to college is stressful, but it's also something to celebrate! I approach every coaching session with optimism, excitement, and a twist of fun. When you enjoy the writing process, the positivity is reflected in the final product.

Image by Tim Mossholder


I believe that we must change the imbalances of power and priviledge in our country. Education is a powerful tool to create a world where people of color and the LGBTQIA+ community have access to opportunity, wealth, happiness, and security.

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