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One-on-One College Application Coaching Program

Maximize your chance of acceptance with personalized guidance from an expert.


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College Campus
Smiling Student

Lydia W.



I am so grateful for the assistance and support that Erin provided during the very stressful college application process. Erin is a truly exceptional individual who went above and beyond to help me every step of the way. She provided me with a clear roadmap of what needed to be done and ensured that I stayed on track throughout the process. Erin is also a fantastic listener and was able to help me articulate my thoughts and ideas in a way that resonated with what I wanted to convey to admissions officers. I cannot recommend Erin highly enough. Thank you, Erin!

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Dhwani S.

Mom of Twins

New York University

Boston University

My daughter, a rising junior at the time, was applying for a competitive pre-collegiate summer program offered by Columbia University. Erin worked with her on her application essay, resulting in a beautiful piece of writing, that I'm fairly certain secured her spot in the program. This amazing partnership prompted me to use Erin later when my son and daughter were applying to college at the same time. Before working with Erin they were stuck and uncertain about what to write in their essays, but Erin helped them through it. We were all very pleased with the final product. Erin is personable, professional, and fun to work with and I totally recommend The Essay Artist!

Satisfied Customer

Sameer B.


UT Austin 

Personally, I like to procrastinate. If I set those deadlines by myself with no one pushing me, I'd leave it to the end and it wouldn't be my best work. I could always come to Erin and she'd poke my brain and I would get a new idea. I finished all my essays and everything before school even started. My story was so unique... if I didn't go this route and had the essays I did, I wouldn't have gotten in. I firmly believe this. I can't thank you enough. You literally changed my future.


What if you could ...



Alleviate the stress and anxiety of college applications with step-by-step guidance


Receive expert assistance to craft compelling, memorable essays that make you stand out 


Benefit from the expertise of a professional who understands what colleges seek in applicants


Pursue your dream college, empowered by a dedicated admissions coach on your team


Your journey to college admission is coordinated into two phases and 10 steps.

PHASE 1: Research and Development

Step 1: Passion Discovery

  • Uncover your interests, strengths, and goals through self-assessment activities and personalized consultations.

Step 2: Candidacy Cultivation

  • Personalized guidance on extracurriculars, internships, and passion projects to enhance your candidate profile, emphasizing leadership development and portfolio building.

Step 3: Nail Your Narrative

  • Develop a compelling personal story that highlights your unique experiences, values, and aspirations.

Step 4: Option Exploration

  • Explore a wide range of colleges and universities to identify the best-fit institutions based on your academic, social, and personal preferences.

Step 5: List Building

  • Strategically select a balanced list of reach, match, and safety schools that align with your academic profile and career aspirations.

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Classmates in the Library

PHASE 2: Application Artistry

Step 6: Essay Excellence

  • Learn techniques for crafting compelling personal statements and supplemental essays that capture your unique voice and experiences.

Step 7: Resume Refinement

  • Develop a polished resume that highlights your academic achievements, extracurricular activities, and leadership roles in a concise and impactful manner.

Step 8: Letter of Recommendation Guidance

  • Receive guidance on selecting the right recommenders and providing them with the necessary information to write strong and personalized letters of recommendation on your behalf.

Step 9: Ace the Interview

  • Hone your interview skills through practice sessions and expert guidance to impress admissions committees.

Step 10: Application Review and Polishing

  • Work closely with an expert to review and refine every aspect of your college applications, ensuring they are error-free, cohesive, and effectively communicate your qualifications and aspirations.

What You Get



Unlimited application support every step of the way


Weekly coaching calls to answer questions, discuss progress, and strategize next steps.


Ongoing email and phone support. You'll have an expert on retainer to provide answers, resources, and feedback.


Resources, templates, and guides to streamline your path to college admissions

Happy Student

Meet Your Guide

College Admissions Coach and Curriculum Developer

Hi! I'm Erin.


I believe I have the best job in the world: I help young people discover their passions, showcase their strengths, and reach their goals in higher education.

Over my 15 years in education, I've helped hundreds of students gain acceptance to highly selective colleges and universities. Based on this experience, I've created a step-by-step program that makes applying to college manageable, purposeful, and sometimes (dare I say) fun. My approach to admissions coaching is based on listening, honesty, unwavering enthusiasm and encouragement, and wildly creative ideas.

I hold a BA from Boston University in screenwriting and an MA from Columbia University in English. I am an alumni admissions ambassador at Teachers College, Columbia University where I help to recruit the next generation of teacher-scholars.


How much does this cost?

Each package below includes meeting with your admissions specialist as many times as needed to complete all aspects of the college application process including ...

Overall application strategy

Extracurricular guidance

School list building

Students on Campus

Up to 3 Schools

  • Common App main personal statement (650 words)

  • Supplemental essays for up to THREE schools (Typically 5-10+ essays)

  • Common App Activities List

  • Common App Additional Information statement (650 words)


College Campus

Up to 6 Schools

  • Common App main personal statement (650 words)

  • Supplemental essays for up to SIX schools (Typically 8-12+ essays)

  • Common App Activities List

  • Common App Additional Information statement (650 words)


College Students

Up to 10 Schools

  • Common App main personal statement (650 words)

  • Supplemental essays for up to TEN schools (Typically 15+ essays)

  • Common App Activities List

  • Common App Additional Information statement (650 words)


Applying to more than 10 schools? Additional schools can be added to your package for $250.
All packages have payment plan options available.
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is college admissions coaching, and how can it benefit me?

A: College admissions coaching is a personalized guidance service aimed at helping students navigate the process of applying to colleges and universities. This program provides tailored support, including assistance with essay writing, application strategy, interview preparation, and more. The goal is to maximize your chances of gaining admission to your preferred institutions.

Q: Will your coaching program guarantee admission to my desired college or university?

A: No one can guarantee admission to a specific institution. However, my coaching program is designed to maximize your chances of success. I provide guidance on how to present yourself effectively in your applications, showcase your strengths, and stand out among other applicants. Ultimately, admission decisions are made by the colleges and universities themselves.

Q: Who can benefit from college admissions coaching?

A: The Essay Artist coaching program is designed for high school students who are planning to apply to colleges and universities. Whether you're a freshman just starting to explore your options or a senior finalizing your applications, our coaching services can provide valuable support and guidance at every stage of the process.

Q: How do I get started with your coaching program?

Getting started is easy! Simply reach out to schedule an initial consultation. During this consultation, we'll discuss your goals, timeline, and the specific services that would best meet your needs. From there, we'll work together to create a plan that sets you up for success in the college admissions process.

Q: How does your coaching program work?

A: The coaching program begins with an initial consultation to assess your goals, strengths, and areas for improvement. From there, we develop a customized plan tailored to your needs. This plan includes one-on-one meetings with an experienced coach, feedback on application materials, access to resources and tools, and ongoing support throughout the admissions process.

Q: How much does your coaching program cost?

The cost of my coaching program varies depending on the specific services you require and the duration of your engagement. We offer flexible pricing options to accommodate different budgets. During your initial consultation, we'll discuss pricing details and create a plan that works for you.

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